Joy~ New developments

spotted, OMG Girl at the southport hair salon~ Gorgeous straight long hair with the smile of an angel. Her beauty was indeed her own, not the illusions of heavy make-up known as twixy power. I watched as she showed of her new style with joy, her hair flowed like a refreshing stream. I’m in love. So in love with the girl that I got jealous with the stylist stroking her hair with his bare hands. She teased me with her fingertips flickering her newly straightened hair. I would have given anything to be able to gaze upon her for the rest of my life, but it wasn’t the right moments for me to introduce myself. I was stuck on the seat with a giant apron on my neck.

I watched intensely looking for clues where I’ll would meet such an angel again manifest ways to introduce my love for her without creeping her out and then she appeared. The more mature woman who was chatting to the stylist before I got strapped onto the seat paid the fees for my dream girl, she must my future mother in-law. I wanted to run up to her and start bribing her with gifts and flattery for her approval to ask her daughter out, but I was paralyze with fear. What if she thought I was not suitable for her daughter and more importantly what if my dream girl thought I was creepy~? I resisted the urge to approach either of them but like always I watched and waited for my opportunity to act. In the end I didn’t get to ask my dream girl on a date which was like a f-5 tornado that teared away my heart, but a glimmer of hope ignited when my future mother in-law asked my stylist when she should come back for here high-lights. I’ve got 1 whole months to think up a plan to introduce myself to my dream girl and ask her out on a date….My fate will seal in 1 month time, the life of a lonely boy.

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Gift from a stranger~ LaLaLaLaLa

A $50 note fell from a stranger’s pocket today.  I saw it and quickly returned the $50 note to man feeling happy about myself for having completed my one good deed for the day/week. I’d like to think it’s my gift to the stranger, but in reality it’s probably just my self-defence mechanism trying to rationalise the thought of me being stupid and not keeping the money.

Today my pt gave me the first-ever present I’ve gotten from any pt!!! For a moment there my eyes were filled with tears of joy, well not really but, I’m sure if i wasn’t so surprised/exhausted I’d be crying for sure.  I rarely get a gift from anyone let along from someone I barely know~ I like to attribute my good fortune to the money I returned in the morning and if possible I will attempt to go on with my mission to do one good deed  per day/week.

There is no better feeling than getting a gift from a stranger.  If I could make one change  to  the world, I would assign a secret santa to every person in the world so everyone can enjoy getting a present from someone they don’t know all the time~!


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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All those that have left me~ I stand in waiting.

a bunch of babble jabs~ every movement,
every reaction and all breaths lead to some truth with hidden messages.  Subconsciously we’re told to act a certain way, speak with
a certain accent and dress appropriately to fit in to the persona that we’re
subliminal message.
Only those without moral complexions
can expunge themselves from those that will betray one’s yearnings.  Psychologists
call them psychopaths. For now, it’s beyond my capability to decipher these signals precisely but there’re definite whispers, whispers warning of the danger approaching. 
The Storms are brewing in the distance, but all I can do for now is to stand firm in the rain awaiting the first thunder to strike.

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All is lost and never coming back. All my precious memories, all gone, wiped away as if it never existed.  Within days, I’ll forget all there is to miss and never again will I be able to retrieve the stories for my grandchildren.   Many thanks to my stupid Laptop that Died on me again~ for the 10th time this year alone….I had no choice but to press the re-set button and everything is wiped clean(supposedly~). 
I’m sorry, to those people that I’d have to ask stupid Questions to, I’ve got a bad memory.  For say~ if I ask for your name? What I really mean is that I’d really like to know you. You may have told me for the 6th or 8th time doesn’t mean you’re any less important to me but just mean that I’m  just really bad at starting up a new convey~ I get nervous. Furthermore, I’m bad with remembering names.
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Dear Dia~ All that I wanted…

Dear Dia~

Not so Secret wishes, secret desires~ I
want to join a gang,

I want to run away somewhere without a care,

I want to try different cuisines from different parts of the world,

I want to be able to cook like a 5 star chief,

I want six packs so I can show them off at the beach,

I want to be able to speak different languages,

I want to have perfect accents,

I want to be able to understand every word’s meaning,

I want to be able to spell every word spoken,

I want to say anything without hesitation,

I want to laugh without a reason,

I want to cry with someone close,

I want to cuddle with the girl that I really like,

I want to watch movies with a gorgeous lady,

I want to be someone dependable,

I want to be someone useful,

I want to remember everything from the textbook,

I want to be remembered,

I want to enjoy everything I do,

I want to do anything fun,

I want to finish this list, But I can’t~

Maybe all I want is You.


Life seems to be more about copping with not
getting the things that I want than actually making the most of what I’ve
got.  After all, it’s the wanting and
infatuations that drive the craziest dreams to realizations.  Now, if my dreams can just fulfill its foretold
destiny then I could be the happiest man alive~


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Dear Dia~

Dear Dia~
just realized that I too am capable of mind defenses against the
dubious mind readers. I found my new ability while shopping for
groceries, one of the most exciting trips I got to undertake in the
week. At the counter, I suddenly realized that I subconsciously read
out laud, in my head, some numbers that’re completely foreign to me.
This had all happened while I was supposed to press in my four digit
pin for the efpos. I only realized what happened when I registered
my thinking voice and recognized the fact that it was “Not” my
pin number at all! It gave me a fright as I have never encountered
this before. Seconds later when I saw that the efpos machine approved
my transaction, I came to a conclusion.
my hand had gone ahead, ignored my brain’s orders and typed in
something else. It goes to show how scary the world can be, when
someone of proficiently competent mind (I mean someone without
dementia) can reject their own conscious mind, without the influence
of alcohol!.

only wish this could happen in the exams… Assuming that my hand
will not sabotage and draw on the exam paper, I think I’m going to
let them do all the thinking and wordings for me~ Especially, when my
mind seems to have a habit of wandering off doing what it likes,
completely oblivious to what’s important at the time.

trust my hands completely. lalala~ (I want nobody nobody But you, I
want nobody nobody But you~)


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Dear Dia~

Dear Dia~
I was tested and tempted.  The temptation was so great that I nearly broke into tears when fate intervened~  I nearly betrayed a promise that I made to myself and a friend that I will ban myself to gamble for the rest of this year.  In hindsight, I’d like to believe that subconsciously, I knew I couldn’t stand the test of a luring bait and have taken precautions to disallow myself to fall pray to the opportunistically placed visual coaxing.  I didn’t bring my license. I was eventually forced to wait outside as the others flocked to see the rollers wipe the floor clean of any traces of cash that suppositedly existed before the last hand was lifted.

I sought out one of the only few empty chairs in the lobby and claimed it as my own.  The chair felt like it must cost a fortune because the next thing I know, a manager is waking me up telling me that I’m not allowed to sleep there.  Damn their comfy chair and their policy to dismiss strays that’re staying without paying~!  I was sent off without a clue for a place to go, there was no way they’ll let me sit a bit longer so I could organize my thoughts. I stumbled my way down the curved stairs feeling annoyed and unappreciated.  If I was in any coherent state I would have argued that I was a customer, I would have in some way paid for the seat in the countless times that I visited prior to my abstinence.  I feel like I was used and abused, sucked dry of all my cash, and now they wouldn’t even let me stay over~ How is this fair? It would be nicer If I just get a girl to do the exact same things to me, at least I’ll get a personalized response instead of a faceless corporate organization.


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I just deleted my last Dia~….so sad, I didn’t mean to~ ….no way to get it back….
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Dear Dia~

Dear Dia~
I’ve been wanting to go to see the movies for a while, 6 weeks to be exact. There were always some things that went wrong preventing me from going, most of them have been out of my control.  It all started as minor annoyances. Now it’s built up to the point that it’s irritating me immensely.  It all started with people cancelling 20 minutes before the movie, then going became a physical impossibility.  Most recently the act of going to the movies, before an exam, seem to be classified as being suicidal or an optimistic idiot (I’m sure there is a word for this, but as I’m lacking in vocabs this will have to do).  I’ve almost given up hope.  There is only a fixed number of times where a guy’s heart can be broken and mended without tears venting.  Any times after that, we get vengeful.

It’s now or never, at least for this year of course.  I have to make it this week, or I will probably go into a mental breakdown. (luckily for all the bystanders at school, I have no weapons of any potency that could be used, inappropriately, to blow off some steam) I reckon I’ve been pretty well mannered so far.  If there is anything else that "comes up" that makes me miss my movie~?Alarms will sound; a Do or Die scenario. Mission: go watch a movie


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